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“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.” Colin Powell

Progress Report
Articles Submitted to AC: 30
Articles Purchased or Published: 23
Word Count for House Goodfellow: 24,000
Other things written: a one-act play called 1 on 1.

So I am three days into this whole writing and job hunting thing. The writing is still going very well. The job hunting could be a lot better.

I think the main reason why the job hunt is a struggle is my mood. I mean sure the job market sucks. I have called a dozen places and most are not hiring. A few places I called are part of the University so they won’t really work out for me. A few places were willing to take my application. I don’t mind the slow progress because I have time. Its just my mood. When I am doing my job hunting I get really tense and anxious. I am prone to distraction.

The thing is that last time I hunted for a job I nearly lost everything. I searched for six months and could find nothing. I was nearly out of money and almost got evicted. It was terrible and so I guess job hunting now have all these negative emotions.

I am working through it though. I know I need to find a job. If I want to keep writing I need to find a day job and so I am going to find it. I use my family and my writing as my motivators. I grit my teeth and just keep at it. So far there is not many good prospects but I keep searching.

“Most writers have day jobs,” Sharon

Progress Report

Articles Submitted to AC: 24
Articles Purchased or Published: 18
Word Count for House Goodfellow: 21,500
Other things written: a one-act play called 1 on 1.

I have gained a level three clout on Associated Content (the number is based on articles you have published and hits you have gotten on those articles). Soon I will heave enough experience to be a level five writing wizard. (I know that was dorky but I simply could not help my news.)

In more serious news I am going to have to scale back the writing a little bit. My original plan was to write for two months and have that be the only thing I do. I can afford to do it this way but I still don’t own my house. I really want to own this property so I am going to start looking for a job.

This does not mean I am going to quit writing for AC or myself. I am still going to write in the morning and in the afternoon I am going to look for a job. I have time so I am going to find a job that pays a decent wage, offers insurance and you know..not suck.

Maybe someday I will get back to writing full time. I really did enjoy it and I got enough of a taste during these two weeks to know that writing is what I want to be doing with my life. I just need to do what’s right for my long term happiness as well. Owning this house would make me so happy and in the long wrong my living expenses would go down. So it’s a good move all around. If you know of any good jobs out there let me know.

I will admit I am a little bummed. There was a pure pleasure in getting up and writing all day at home. The more I think about it though the less bummed I feel. This just means that someday I will get to go back to this writing thing full time, but on my terms. This is all a good thing.

The truth is I don't want to write about yesterday in terms of writing. It was a terrible writing day filled with a whole lot of sputtering. I only got one article done and I am not even that happy with it. Still the day was filled with a lot of publishing so I thought I would direct you to my Associated Content source page. This is the main hub to all my articles. Read as many as you want or all of them. Of if you don't have time but want to support me in my quest. Just click on all the links.

“Shakespeare’s got to get paid yo!” ~ Reduced Shakespeare Company

Progress Report
Articles Submitted to AC: 20
Articles Purchased or Published: 15
Word Count for House Goodfellow: 21,500
Other things written: a one-act play called 1 on 1.

Yesterday I had a full day of writing and it went quiet well.  I had my stutters and false starts but in general it was a good day. I wrote and submitted two articles and got some work done with the novel. I also had time to prep the role-playing game I ran that night.

I have these moments of great concern and panic when I think about things like money and health insurance. Like after lunch yesterday I was caught in a brief yet powerful storm of despair. Then I got the notice that AC bought a whole bunch of my articles and I felt okay. I mean if I spend too much time looking at the facts of right now I will just get lost in it. I am sure that many people who have done amazing periods had to have a tightrope period of great risk. You have to make it across to get to the good stuff and if you look down your screwed.

So I am trying not to look down too much. Though I do wish my unemployment money was not going to take two weeks to really kick in.

I am moving forward. I am going to apply to Suite 101 another online publication service that might pay a little bit more and I am going to contact the magazine Columbia Inside to see if they might want some freelance work. It would be good to get some local press under my belt. I think the general idea is to diversify as much as possible when it comes to this writing thing.

“Keep at it. Maybe fate has something in store for you.” ~Kiya

Progress Report
Articles Submitted to AC: 17
Articles Purchased or Published: 8
Word Count for House Goodfellow: 21,000
Other things written: a one act play called 1 on 1.

Today might be the first day that it felt like a job, this writing journey. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I am glad I have reached this point to be honest.

 So far this whole thing could have been a musical number where I burst out of my house and sing a happy tune. A bird would land on my shoulder and dancers would come out of nowhere. We would sing about how writing has set me free.

This morning I had to file my first unemployment claim and only had a half day to get writing done. I felt this great pressure to submit my articles for AC and make some progress on the novel. Yet I was also tired and just wanted to nap as well. It was a struggle to get those articles and yet it felt good when I was finished. I got two articles submitted to AC (one about the Wimpy Kid books and the other about the card game Chairman Mao) but did not get to the novel. Still, even thought I feel a little worn, I have a sense of accomplishment that I did not have when I was working at Mid Mo.

The struggle of today made me think that maybe this is really where I am suppose to be. If even during the hard times I feel good, that is a good sign.

Tomorrow I will have another half day of writing and will work as hard as I can to get to the novel after the articles. I will hopefully have some new links tomorrow of published work but until then I am going to give the keyboard a rest.

I have to write like my life depended on it.

Progress Report
Articles Submitted to AC: 14
Articles Purchased or Published: 8
Word Count for House Goodfellow: 20,000
Other things written: a one act play called 1 on 1.

So yesterday afternoon while I waited for a ride to baby sit the always entertaining Gabe, I read my letter from unemployment. Starting this Sunday I can start filing claims and the amount I am brining in is more than I thought it would be. More than what I was planning on when I decided to do only a month of this writing thing. Mind you its unemployment so its not a lot more but even a little more each week adds up.

It looks like I could wait until September to look for work instead of August as I first thought. A month had seemed like plenty of time to get this out of my system but now a lifetime doesn’t feel like enough. I will settle for two months though. Of course the sensible man who take this extra cushion and still start looking for a job in August. Be happy to have three months to find a job instead of two. I imagine this sensible version of me would also be job hunting now.

I think I am going to choose to not be sensible. I really am not sure if there is any other real path ahead of me. At this moment I am a writer. It is an unrealized dream that has been found. I can go back to working some nine to five job, I know that I will be okay with it. But I can only go back once I know that I tried to be a writer for as long as I could.

Maybe something with happen in these two months that will make the dream last a little longer. Yesterday morning I was not sure if I could keep doing this even until August and now I have gained a whole other month.

I feel the winds of fate are behind me on this one, but only if I treat the time I am given to writing as sacred. Even when I job hunt I am going to be writing and what ever job I have to get will just be an interruption between writing.

I am going to keep writing until I think I can make a living at it, then I am going to do that until something else makes me feel as good as this does. Other than the close love of a few friends and family nothing I have ever done has ranked over the thrill I have when I write this much. Even when I am writing little articles for AC its exciting.

I am getting better at it too. I can’t express to you the excitement of doing something you love and being aware that your getting better at it every day. It is like I am back at Ramapo in the first weeks where every moment was a lesson.

This is the journal of a happy man.

The Adventure Begins....

I have been unemployed now for three days and I have never been happier.

This statement is very strange for me because I remember the last time I was without work. It was one of the worse six months of my life. But this time around it is a little different. I decided instead of freaking out I was going to take a month off from job hunting and try to be a writer.

Now writing is something I have sort of always done but only recently discovered in the last six months. I just started to write a series of stories about a family known as the Goodfellows and other stories as well. I use to get at least a dozen good ideas for stories in a day but now I was doing more than letting those stories float away.

So the grand experiment became writing during the month of July and see what I could produce. I would write for Associated Content in the morning to make a little bit of profit. My works for them would be small articles mostly very fluffy. I imagine they will mostly end up being about entertainment but I will branch out as much as I can. Than in the afternoon I would work on my stories with a focus on the Goodfellow stories that are swiftly evolving into a novel.

I started the experiment a little early because I had sick time with the state still. I have been at it for about ten days and I have fallen in love. Of course I love that I can work from home. I love that I can work shirtless in sleep pants all day if I want to. I like that I can have lunch with my family and pet my can at the office. All of those things are trivial compared to the love affair I am having with writing. This experiment has quickly shifted away from seeing what I can produce in the month of July and now has become a quest to see how long I can do this before I have to find a real job.

Now not everything is rosy. I want desperately to own my little house and now that I have no job that has become difficult. My landlord wants me to buy the house as well and I worry if I don’t act soon I am going to loose my chance to own this place. On some level I know I am risking my house by spending this month writing but that is not enough to stop me. I am just going to keep writing and trying to figure things out as I go along. I believe I am driven by fate and something big is on the horizon. This big thing, this new path in my life I believe to be involved with the words I write and so all I can do is keep writing them.

I have decided to journal this process because I want to remember this crazy adventure for the rest of my life and I know my memory is not the greatest.

I have keep my face book friends aware of my process but I also want everyone to know how the adventure is going. So here is my progress report…

Articles Submitted to AC: 11
Articles Purchased or Published: 6
Money Made from AC: 12$
Word Count for House Goodfellow: 19,700
Other things written: a one act play called 1 on 1.

Curtain Call

Well after weeks and weeks of prep and an 8 show run, the show is over. We put on some great shows, in fact ever performance was grand. We did 8 outdoor shows and not a single one got rained on despite the threat of storms multiple times. Our actors were amazing. There was no drama among the crew. It was a perfect experience.

To be honest I am a little sad to see it end.


The state filter that use to not let me get onto livejournal at all, now lets me get on. Yet it doesn't let me check my friends list. How strange indeed.
CWOSA Show Journal Reherasal Day One and Two

We started to read through the show on Monday and Tuesday. It was a pretty simple affair. Just five people sitting in a room going through the script. Still the actors seem to be getting the hang of it really quickly. They had me laughing out loud during the first read through, and I had read the script a bunch of times. Its very cool to see how each actor is putting their own spin on it. The real trick is that each actor has to develop sort of a meta role that is like themselves only more silly. Then they have to do a bunch of different characters.

One actor has both of those aspects just right. One has a great meta role, lots of confidence and great timing but they are struggling with all the different roles. The other actor has the other roles down but has no real meta actor, he is all over the place. Still they all seem like hard workers and lack the attitude your worry about in things like this.

Its a little odd right now because I have not really done anything as an AD. I am mostly sitting around being amused at the process. Its really cool to watch a show develop. I am sure I will prove my worth soon. For the time being I am having a lot of fun.